Read, if you want to know me better :)


In my house always has been a lot of different animals. I had turtles, parrots, canaries, hamsters and other rodents , fish, cats and of course the DOGS.

 Most important for me was small crossbreed dog - Toffi and a huge rottweiler Boris.
 I got Toffi, when I was 13 years old and he was a good friend of mine when I was young. He was with us for 17 years.
When I grew up, I bought a beautiful rottweiler. Boris was very strong and powerful dog. He was also very gentle and incredibly wise. He helped me bring up 3 children and 2 litters of Shih Tzu. I will never forget this wonderful, peaceful, beautiful and smart dog. It was the best friend I ever had. He died of cancer when he was nearly 14 years.

But earlier, when Boris still alive, I wanted to start breeding shih-tzu.
I bought a girl ALDA Ne Quid Nimis , which was wonderfully played with Boris. They were good friends, and Boris was take care of her.

At the beginning we had a big problem, because our cat scratches ALDA's tail and could not cure him. The doctor amputated part of the Alda's tail :(.
But Alda always very pleased the judges and began my adventure with a shih-tzu :)

Then he appeared to me more dogs of this breed: the son of Alda - Ashi (ASHI YONGTAI Ahinsa), daughter of Alda - Lady (TYBETINA LADY Opto Ahinsa), and girl from Lithuania - Chilly (Lemuro HAPPY CHEINA DOLL).
I hope that every next dog will also give us a lot of fun at home and at shows.

For our family also includes: female bull terrier - Tequila (SAUZA AT OPTO AHINSA Jedi), a British cat female - Pearl vel KOTA and beautiful Tibetan Mastiff Moris (MORIS Bisurman).


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