After two years break, again  we expect puppies  from excellent combination.

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The exhibition in Denmark, our Setti - DIAMOND SUNSET Opto Ahinsa won second place in Best In Show!
We are proud of our beloved baby
. Thank you very much Amanda and Sheila Flindt! :)



And Amber - Lemuro Non Stop Opto Ahinsa, this day had her debut as a dog therapist. Working beautifully and giving joy to children from the Hospice! Amber loves to work with people, and most with the children. Dirty, soaking wet, but happy, hugging the sick children :)

We are proud of our lovely, crazy girl, at least as if they won Best in Show :)




National Dog Show in Warsaw

The first show of our Oti - Opto Ahinsa Magia Lal - daughter of our Tabi from B litter, granddaughter of Lady, and great granddaughter of Alda :)
Oti yesterday ended only six months, and today she won Best Puppy in Breed.


                               More in  shih tzu / Oti 



National Dog Show in Lublin

BUENA ESTRELLA Opto Ahinsa won next CAC, Best of Sex, Best of Breed, and in the finals she was Most Beautiful Dog in Lublin Branch! We are proud of our girl. Congratulations and thanks to her owner - Marta Borzecka :).





Great news from Dortmund!
Father of our Amber - Wenrick's Face of Yin Da's win the VDH-Europasieger!



We expect puppies!


          16th October 2012, our Chilli (LEMURO CHEINA HAPPY DOLL)

                          for the first time became a mother.

            She gave birth to 5 beautiful babies - 4 girls and 1 boy.

                              Egle, thank you very much :)

                        More information - click on LITTER N (Lemuro)



Wonderful news from Denmark - on his first show, our Setti - DIAMOND SUNSET Opto Ahinsa won BEST BABY and BEST IN SHOW BABY!!! His picture will be in the club magazine, and the judge "was crazy about him" - said his owner :))



Big congrats and thanks to Amanda Flindt
We are waiting for the photos :)


16.06.2012 Speciality Dog Show - Tartu (Estonia)

                              judge: Kuusisto Jukka (Fin)

Chilli won JCAC , JBOB, BOS, BOB,


17.06. 2012 Tartu (Estonia) judge: Maciej Kozber (PL)




            She also finished her

          Estonia Junior Champion


          Baltic Junior Champion!!!


                  Egle, thank you very much!!!







  International Dog Show - Kaliningrad/Russia

What a wonderful day! Not only the Polish victory of my breeding dogs, but also Chilly has shown her class :)

                  and also finished RUS JCH !!!


                           Egle, thank you very much!




  National Dog Show - Lublin/Poland

A wonderful show for dogs from our kennel!

BUENA ESTRELLA Opto Ahinsa (Esti) - excellent, 1st place, CAC, BOS, BOB and 1 BOG!!!

BELLEZA ORIENTAL Opto Ahinsa (Ori) - excellent, 1st place, CAC

ANISHI BHADRA Ahinsa (Badi), did not want to show today - excellent, 2nd place


                                    Esti - Best Of Breed


                                     Esti - Best Of Group




National Dog Show - Plock/Poland


Another successful show dogs for our kennel:


ANISHI BHADRA Ahinsa (Badi) - excellent, 1st place, CWC

BUENA ESTRELLA Opto Ahinsa (Esti) - excellent, 1st place, CWC



International Dog Show - Moletai/Lithuania

                                  Judge: Ingrid Ehold/Austria


                    Wonderful news from Lithuania!

CHILLI finished Junior Champion of Lithuania and
Junior Champion of Latvia winning next title Junior Winner, Best Junior and Best of Breed (BOB) against champions! :))


               Egle, thank you very much for everything!





IX FCI group Speciality Dog Show - Moletai/Lithuania

Our Chilli (LEMURO HAPPY CHEINA DOLL) has won another win on foreign exhibition, winning the Junior Winner and Best Junior!




National Dog Show i Radom/Poland


BELLEZA ORIENTAL Opto Ahinsa (Ori) got excellent and the title WINNER in a very capricious judge - Elżbieta Junikiewicz ;)




All Breeds Dog Show in Panevezys (LT)


Our  Chilli - LEMURO HAPPY CHEINA DOLL was Junior Winner out of 6 females in the class and also compared with the dog she won Junior Best Of Breed :))


                                 Egle, thank you very much!



National Dog Show in Lublin (PL)


ANISHI BHADRA Ahinsa - Badi - beautiful description, excellent, 1st place, gold medal, CAC!

BELLEZA ORIENTAL Opto Ahinsa - Ori - wonderful description, excellent 2nd, silver medal

BUENA ESTRELLA Opto Ahinsa - Esti - marvelous description, excellent 2nd, silver medal

            Thanks to owner - Marta Borzecka :))




National Dog Show in Legionowo (PL)


BUENA ESTRELLA Opto Ahinsa (ESTI) - unfortunately she did not have a good day. She did not want to walk nicely and took second place.

ANISHI BHADRA Ahinsa (BADI) -  beautiful description, excellent, 1st place, gold medal and CAC

BELLEZA ORIENTAL Opto Ahinsa (ORI) - perfect description, excellent, 1st place, gold medal and CAC


Many thanks to the owner - Mrs. Martha Borzecka for the excellent care of the three, "my children" and present them at the shows! I keep my fingers crossed for the next exhibition :))




IX FCI Group Speciality Show Dog - Riga (LV)

On her first foreign exhibition, Chilli (LEMURO HAPPY CHEINA DOLL) won LV JCAC and Best Female.:))

                 Egle thank you veru much!




National Dog Show in Legionowo

Very successful show for us:
Chilli won another Best Puppy. For 4 of the exhibition - 4 times Best Puppy & Best In Show Puppy!!!

And Moris had his debut in junior class. He defeated two rivals and won the Junior Winner and Best Junior. He started a youth championship :)). He got a beautiful description of the judge Viva Maria Soleckyi-Szpunar.





National Dog Show IX group in Lodz

     Chilli won BOB PUPPY and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!!


10.09.2011 -  National Dog Show in Warsaw
11.09.2011 -   MOLOSS CLUB DOG SHOW in Warsaw

On Saturday, on her second show, Chilli won the second title BEST PUPPY :)

                                                * * *

Moris on the national show, was not in the type of Slovenian judge, who long tried to find his errors ;). She could not really find them, but they gave him a Promising note with a second place.

But the very next day, on a very important, because Moloss Club Dog Show, Morris once again proved his class. He won Very Promising and 2. place (out of 5 dogs), just behind son of the double World Winner :))




International Dog Show in Bialystok
The second exhibition of female from our kennel - CHIARO DI LUNA Opto Ahinsa.

Luna showed up beautifully once again and scored Very Promising, 1. place, beaten the boy and won the title BEST PUPPY

Congratulations for owner - Aneta Furmaniak. Keep it up! :)




International Dog Show in Warsaw

This time, her big debut was our newest girl, imported from Lithuania Lemuro HAPPY CHEINA DOLL (Chilli).
2 days before the exhibition, she was over 6 months and was the youngest puppy in the breed. Defeated four other females, she got Very Promising, 1. place, beaten the boy and won the title BEST PUPPY :).

We are proud of our youngest girl and thank Egle (kennel Lemuro) that she trusted us and gave us this treasure.

                                                * * *

For Moris it was also very successful exhibition. He won Very Promising note and 2. place in competition 5 wonderful dogs from a reputable kennel. Won with us only a beautiful dog who was in Paris'2011, World Winner in puppy class!




National Dog Show in Olsztyn

Excellent debut of the youngest generation of our kennel. Five-month CHIARO DI LUNA Opto Ahinsa (Luna) from the last litter of Alda, at her first show she got Very Promising, 1. place and BEST BABY :).

                                                 * * *

For Moris it was also the day of debut. For the first time we started in the puppy class. Moris won the 1. place, Very Promising and he won BEST PUPPY :)


May 2011

 To our kennel came from Lithuania, beautiful girl - Lemuro HAPPY CHEINA DOLL (CHILLI).

She is daughter of excellent International and Multichampion, World Winner of Paris'2011, European Winner'2011, the only one shih tzu in the world who won FCI CENTENARY CHAMPION!!! - Cheina Doll's HAPPY and the young, Multi Junior Champion - wonderful Xeralane's ANGEL FACE.


Chilli has in the pedigree 70% of the American line Xeralane's, and she is the only one shih-tzu with such pedigree in Poland.

Egle, thank you very, very much for this beautiful girl. We are happy and proud, that she can live with us.



29.05.2011 - National Dog Show in Plock (Gostynin)

Next a very successful exhibition Moris. Very promising, 1. place, and nomination for Best In Show Baby, which we gave up, because Moris was only after the injured paw, and we wanted to not overwork him.



7-8.05.2011 - International Dog Show in Lodz

Very nice meeting with Bisurman family. Great fun with daddy of Moris - Ben and sister Mona, who stayed in kennel.

This time, Moris was Very Promising, 1. place and a great description, but the comparison was won by presenting a great sister :)



 03.05.2011 - National Dog Show in Bydgoszcz

Again, successful performance Moris.

Very promising, 1. place and the BEST BABY :).


01.05.2011 - National Dog Show in Dobre Miasto

Another very successful exhibition. Moris again got an Very Promising, 1. place and BEST BABY.


17.04.2011 - National Dog Show in Czestochowa

Also, a very successful exhibition. Moris won 1. place with a Very Promising and  BEST BABY.



9-10.04.2011r - National Dog Show in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki

The great success of our Tibetan Mastiff!

At her first show in baby class, age less than 5th months, Moris got Very Promising, 1. place and title BEST BABY.

And in the final competition he won Best In Show III, and defeated the representatives of many great races.




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