MORIS Bisurman, born 16.12.2010



                                        Until now, he won:

                                Junior Winner, Best Junior 


                                               *   *   *

                                           HIS PARENTS:

              father: INT CH, Ch Pl, J Ch Pl, Alpe Adria Winner
               Ay Yangadoo HEI-XIONG MUST KARU (Ben)
                                           imp. Estonia


            mother: J Ch Pl, Ch Pl - Tseepo DAG-PA (Paksiu)
                                             imp. Estonia


                                        *   *   *

Moris is a very good guard and defender. Like all Tibetan Masiff.
Outside the house, sometimes it seems that he is a beast (he worked, so he must pretend to be dangerous :)), but at home is calm and obedient like a teddy bear.
He really likes our shih-tzu, and playing gently even with puppies.
At exhibitions he usually sleep and is very lazy, but he can also be beautifully to present. If he wants ;)). Typical Tibetan Mastiff :))
Until now (8 months) judges wrote about him: "excellent type, harmoniously built, strong bones, beautiful and noble head, good filled muzzle, strong body with a deep chest, very good topline and bottom, excellent neck, excellent front, excellent positioned shoulder, good angulation of legs, correct ear set, dark eye, correct bite, excellent movement, the tail is typically worn for a race, on the move back straight, typical coat, beautifully groomed, perfectly expanded as in age ".


                                          almost 8 months