ALDA Ne Quid Nimis born 23.09.2003r



                       Shown only on the 4th exhibitions -

             three times was 1st place, one time was a 2nd place

            father: INT, MULTI CH.  HOSHI HAN`EI Bohemia Acro
            mother: 2x CWC SUGAR Cicho ciemne

                                        ALDA's PEDIGREE


ALDA is a beautiful, strong woman who started our breeding.
She has a big temperament, and she is very cheerful and obedient. She likes to do all my commands and is happy when she can do something for me.
She very liked the exhibition and willingly presented. Alda is daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter of famous stud dogs.

Unfortunately, when she was 3 months, our cat Harry scratches her tail, and no treatment helped. The doctor cut off part of the tail, and she could not have large of success on the shows. But still, the judges really liked Alda. She was shown in 4 exhibitions. 3 times won 1st place and 2nd place 1 time.

Alda is an excellent breeding female. She born a lot of puppies and they all have very good build and type of hair.

Alda in the opinion of judges: 
"Striking female with a very good, feminine head, good line of the nose and good eyes, good length of neck, correct front and rear, good chest, good tail set, excellent, long and groomed coat.

Unfortunately, little puppies Alda went to the exhibition : (. Their owners do not want to go to shows : (.
But those dogs, who are presented, the judges are doing a great impression.
Her daughter from first litter - AMIYUKI MEI Ahinsa, on her first show (Internationale), won JUNIOR WINNER, BEST JUNIOR and came to the first twelve in JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW!
Successful are also Lady and Nessie (litter T). A recently also her granddaughter (daughter of Lady) from litter B - Belleza Oriental, Buena Estrella and BrillanteTibetana.
Her youngest daughter, Chiaro di Luna is now also beginning go on the shows :). At the moment she was shown on two shows and she won the titles: BEST BABY and BEST PUPPY :)



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