ASHI YONGTAI Ahinsa, born 23.04.2006


                  He likes to be at home, is a pacifist and lazy :)
        He had never been exhibited, but I often regretted that it is.



                     father: INTERCHAMPION, MULTICHAMPION

                           Tuscany's CHALLENGER AT ACTE

                    mother: shawn only on the 4th exhibitions


                                   3x 1st place, 1x 2nd place

                                      ALDA Ne Quid Nimis



Ashi is a dog of my son.
One day, an artist Doda
wanted to buy him from us, but Daniel could not imagine separation with him. I also thought, the nature of Ashi does not fit the style of life of a star, so Ashi stayed with us.

Besides Daniel has promised me, he will show the dog at the exhibition, so I willingly agreed to leave him in the kennel. Ashi is a dog with very strong bones, beautiful head, long neck, a wonderful, very broad front, excellent angulation, excellent movement ...

Unfortunately, very quickly became clear that both boys prefer madness in our garden than exhibition, and my dreams were over.
However, I agreed with my son, that Ashi not be happy showing up at exhibitions, and a short haircut would be more comfortable to him. And since then, Ashi is just a happy dog at home :)

Sometimes, especially after the clipping, I look at his gorgeous building, and I regret that we do not show him, but I know that the exhibition is not everything :))